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How To Training Your Dog Indoor

How To Training Your Dog Indoor

All family members should handle a puppy while it learns to wear a collar and leash, eat from its own bowl, sleep in its own bed, and come when called. But one person should be primarily responsible for training.

Do not isolate new canine family members, dogs are sociable animals. Set up a bed as a personal space for your dog, and place it in a busy area of the home, such as a corner of the kitchen. Like its ancestor the wolf, your pet dog likes to enjoy the security of its own personal space, which is the equivalent of a wolf’s den.

Discipline your puppy each time it nips you by saying “No” firmly. It the puppy persists despite this admonition, you can grab it by the scruff of the neck firmly but without causing pain, mimicking the way in which the puppy’s mother would have administered discipline.

To a dog that has been trained from puppyhood to use it, a crate becomes its own secure haven. Crate training encourages house training, reduces destructive behavior, and eases travelling with your dog. Place soft bedding, a bowl of water, and your puppy’s favorite toy inside the crate.

Your puppy will want to eliminate after it wakes up, eats, or plays. As it sniffs the ground a sign that it is about to eliminate take it to the place you have chosen for it to relieve itself and say “Hurry Up”. Before long, your dog will eliminated when you give the “Hurry Up” command.

The Right Dog and The Sources of Dogs

The right dog for you

It is important to select a dog carefully, according to your interests, your lifestyle, and your current and future circumstances. Consider the difference between raising a dog from a puppy, which will require patient house training, or acquiring a full grown dog, perhaps complete with hidden behavioral problems. Think, also, about the implications of the dog’s size and sex, and find out how much exercise it will need.

  • Small but Tough : The smallest of all dog breeds, Chihuahuas are surprisingly robust and active dogs
  • Gentle Giant : The giant Newfoundland will present you with an equally gigantic food bill


Sources of dogs

Recognized breeders, friends and neighbors, and animal rescue centers can all be good sources of dogs. Breeding establishments that sell dogs primarily as a business are likely to be less reliable than breeders affiliated than breeders affiliated with registered breed clubs.

  • Good dog shelters will always interview prospective owners
  • Generally, don’t buy puppies from pet shops
  • When buying a pup, ask to see the mother to get an idea of the pup’s potential temperament

Origin of Labrador Retriever

Dogs Labrador Retriever is the most popular and most dogs in registration in the United States at this time . Why is that ? If not glance views similar to Mongrel ? Are Labrador is ” Golden ” short haired ?

Labrador and Golden similar in one way or another , but both types are DIFFERENT . It can be seen from standardization. The similarity of these two species they are included into the types of retrievers and love the water . And also they are very reliable family dog , has a very good temperament . Labrador may be selected for fur care is much easier than the brother of Golden . Maintenance also includes quite easy . Labrador belong to the category of double- coated breeds or have 2 layers of fur . Inside fur lining ( undercoat ) which became patron allows Labrador to plunge into cold water without feeling cold .

Labrador = true mutt ? It depends on our perception . When viewed from its original location in Newfoundland , Yes , Labrador is a mongrel THERE ! Similarly, the Kintamani dog is a mutt in Bali , the Basenji is the mutt in AFRICA . They are dog breeds that are already live and in flower culture such that already have a pattern or a pattern of strong inherent therein .

Labrador worn by hunters in hunting birds and other small animals ( not hunting wild boar or other large animals ) . European hunters usually use 2 types of dogs in hunting , the cocker spaniel and Labrador . Cocker function for flushing ( stormed the gathering place for birds or other animals so they flew and ran from his hiding place ) . Thus allowing hunters to start shooting at them . Labrador used to take a bush that has been shot , either in the bush or in the water and return it to the hunter ( retrieving ) . Labrador is used in retrieving more because it has a better advantage in comparison with other types , which have a soft mouth . The point is that in taking the prey , the mouth so delicately labrador will not leave marks on animal bites taken by mouth .


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